Baby Yoga

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Baby Yoga Classes

Email me for information about my next mother and baby course. Movement combined with touch are probably the richest stimulation we can offer babies form birth. Baby Yoga combines the subtle benefits of (adult) yoga, with moves for the baby, by providing the stimulation of touch, movement and rhythm. These provide just the right amount of stimulation to enhance baby’s desire to reach their developmental milestones.

The benefits to you and baby
Baby Yoga has so many physical and energetic benefits. Sessions begin with some massage, and progress into Yoga with moves for the whole body. Rhyme and singing accompanies many of the moves: not only because babies love it but it helps with their language development. Every session finishes with a guided relaxation for all.

The loving and gentle handling of babies during yoga sessions and the magical bond between parent and baby while enjoying this special time together, promotes a wonderful sense of well being for both mummy and baby.

Yoga classes in South Kensington and the City. Pregnancy Yoga and Mother and Baby Yoga classes in South Kensington. Contact me for more information.




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